Personalized Training

Personal Training Program at S2Club is made possible by our personal trainers who are qualified and experienced. Under our Personalized Training Program, everyone is trained individually with specific individualized program set to meet their fitness goals. Getting a trainer to train you is the best thing to do. We have various fitness programs that are designed and customized to help you lose weight, build muscle, stamina or endurance. We are committed to help you to acheive the above desired goals and fitness results.

Our Manager

Lim Bok Khoon Manager

We strive to provide you with the best facilities, enhanced customer service at the most affordable price.

Our Team

Wong Wei Yee Senior Executive

Customer Service is No. 1. We are always ready to assist and serve you better.

Lim Sook ThengSenior Executive

Listening, responding and serving you with utmost sincerity.

Low Yee Jeck Executive

We are customer service-oriented, serving you with pleasure.

Nura'Adlie Zuhailie Jafri Personal Trainer

Training you towards a renewed and transformative self.

Hazim Samsudin Personal Trainer

Nationally and internationally certified trainer, with the passion of guiding you to achieving your fitness dreams.

Mohamad Hafiz Personal Trainer

Helping you to change in the most simplest and realistic way possible.


Bridging friends, families & building communities.


Our mission is to promote health, fitness, close social interaction and building up a great community club that brings all S2 residents together through fitness programs and fun filled events and activities, at an affordable price.