S2 Club Membership Application Form

Yes! I would like to be a member of the S2 Club.

Please select the preferred package
  1. Family (2 Adults & 2 Children below 18 years old)
  2. Couple Package (2 Adults, age 18 years and above)
  3. Individual Package (Adult, age 18 years and above)
  4. Student (college or university with valid offer letter or valid student identification).
  5. Term (temporary membership)
  6. Senior Citizen ( > 60 years old)
  7. Corporate Package (5 Adults)
Special Add On To Family Package
  1. Children (>4 years old <13 years old)
  2. Teenager (>13 years, <18 years old)
Your preferred payment Cash Credit Card Cheque

If you have selected the Couple, Family or Corporate Package, please provide us with the information below

Couple Package
Family Package
Corporate Package
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